Month: October 2020

From humble beginnings, JavaScript has been transformed into a serious programming language... JavaScript's humble start began in 1995, when it was created in just 10 days by Brendan Eich, then an employee with Netscape Communications Corporation. JavaScript has come a long way since then, from a [...]

What are the morning rituals that give you the space to slow down ? Participating in a morning ritual may be something you've been doing for a while, but there's an even greater emphasis this year on taking the time to do something for yourself that brings you joy, calm, and balance to start your [...]

The Apple Watch SE A Good Starter Smartwatch... The Apple Watch SE is barely a month old, but that isn’t stopping retailers from making the mainstream smartwatch a little more affordable. Amazon is selling the Apple Watch SE for $20 off, starting at $259 for a 40mm GPS version. It’s also [...]

About page on was briefly replaced... With less than a week to go before the US presidential election, election security is a hot-button topic, and hackers have already struck. TechCrunch and the New York Times report that the About page on was briefly replaced by [...]