Month: November 2020

Group of 165 Google critics call for swift EU antitrust action... A group of 165 companies and industry bodies have called on EU antitrust enforcers to take a tougher line against Google, saying the U.S. tech giant unfairly favours its own services on its web searches. The group includes U.S. and [...]

The last Chrome update for 2020 is all about efficiency... Google is wrapping up 2020 with what it claims are major performance enhancements to the company’s Google Chrome browser. “This month’s update represents the largest gain in Chrome performance in years,” Matt Waddell, Chrome’s [...]

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AMD is looking to capitalize on its momentum with its EPYC server processor by pairing it with the Instinct MI100 GPU accelerator to gain in high performance computing... AMD launched what it claims is the fastest GPU accelerator for high performance computing with the ability to top 10 [...]