Best 8K TVs to buy in 2021

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Best 8K TVs to buy in 2021

The best 8K TVs have done what once seemed remarkably farfetched just a few years ago – made 8K resolution televisions seem like a reasonable investment.

Not too long ago, the best 8K televisions seemed entirely superfluous: an experiment by TV brands trying to push the limits of screen technology in service of some nice-sounding buzzwords. 

However, that’s steadily changing, as the number of 8K TVs available to buy has almost tripled over the past year, and even more viewers finding the uptick in quality over Ultra HD hard to deny – especially when paired with OLED or Mini LED tech.

Sure, current streaming bandwidths can’t do much with 8K – not that there’s any 8K content to stream, or even 8K Blu-rays to play. But on larger screens, even low-res content can be transformed into a jaw-dropping 8K resolution through AI upscaling, and a growing case has been made for 8K over the past couple of years.

The best 8K TVs today are going to be judged on their ability to upscale and process non-8K images, then, so it’s important to make sure your screen doesn’t disappoint in that department – though you shouldn’t have that problem with the 8K televisions we’ve listed here. The top models are quite pricey, sadly, but you’ll find a more mid-range screen in the list below too.

Samsung 8K TV showing colorful display in living room

(Image credit: Samsung)

Best 8K TV: Samsung QN900A Neo QLED

Samsung’s 2021 flagship truly shines


Screen size: 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch
Resolution: 8K
Panel technology: Neo QLED
Smart TV: Tizen

Reasons to buy

+Exceptional brightness+OLED-like black levels

Reasons to avoid

It’ll cost youReflective screen

Ushering in a new era in television technology, Samsung’s Mini LED-sporting QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV offers stunning picture quality, exceptional color and brightness, terrific sound and outstanding blacks – all in a package that’s unmatched in terms of design – making it a cinch for the best 8K TV today.

For the uninitiated, Samsung’s ‘Quantum’ Mini LEDs are 1/40th the thickness of a regular light-emitting diode, meaning thousands of smaller LEDs can be packed together in a much tighter fashion, allowing for far more accurate dimming zones and black levels that are practically indistinguishable from an OLED to this reviewer’s eyes. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean Samsung’s Neo QLED is to able to produce lights and colors at the individual pixel-level like an OLED TV can, only that it does a comparable job when it comes to contrast.

Outside of its new lighting technology, the QN900A excels in terms of picture quality, with an astonishing 8K resolution display that does a brilliant job of upscaling 1080p and 4K content thanks to the AI-based ‘Neo Quantum Processor 8K’.

The Samsung QN900A is a pricey television, as is to be expected from this year’s flagship, but three sizes across 65-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch allow for some variation of budget – starting at $4,999 / £5,999 for the smallest size.

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