Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’ Released, Delivering Major Features

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The Kodi team rolls out a brand new Kodi 19.x 'Matrix' preview build with a large number of improvements...

Although the Kodi Foundation pushed out an emergency update for Kodi 18 'Leia' last week to fix an internet access issue caused by a technical change from Cloudflare, the team's main focus has been on Kodi 19 'Matrix', the next big release of the hugely popular home theater software.

19.x 'Matrix' Alpha 3 is expected to be the final alpha release before we hit the beta stage. It’s obviously still a very early build, so won’t be for everyone, but it comes with a sizeable list of feature changes and improvements, which include:

Music Library

  • Small fixes to album duration for music in unusual folder layouts, and triggering rescraping of a single artist or album.

Music Videos

  • Fetch related album and artist info (including art, bio, review etc) from the music library where appropriate
  • Display all music videos for an artist, not just the ones related to an album when navigating by artist
  • Searching from the info dialog for an artist now includes all of related library albums as well as any videos
  • Possibility to use .nfo files so that the artist list can now show all performers from music videos, not just the main artist
  • Info dialogs will display data from the music library where there's a corresponding artist and/or album
  • Fix the same director search for music videos


  • Correct the color mapping of HLG HDR playback in SDR mode on Windows 10
  • Add HLG HDR playback as HDR10 on Windows 10 (as Windows does not support passthrough of HLG)
  • Added support for more OpenGL bicubic scalers


  • [Estuary] Add chapter info from music videos to OSD
  • [Estuary] Improve the next item in playlist info for music videos by adding artist/album details if available
  • [Estuary] Improve the Now Playing info for music videos when not in full-screen video by adding artist/album details if available
  • [Estuary] Optional poster for music videos
  • Behavior changes to DialogAddonInfo buttons (e.g. contextual focus defaults to install, update, configure, etc.)
  • Add PVR.TimeShiftSeekbar infolabel to expose seekbar outside of the SeekBar dialog


  • Implement integer scaling support to improve the viewing quality of Pixel Art games

Information Providers/Scrapers

  • New default Python metadata scrapers for movies and TV shows (replacing old XML scrapers)


  • Add ability to apply a new subtitle URI to the player, e.g. URL, local file, etc.
  • Updates to allow VideoLibrary.Clean by directory
  • Improvements and fixes around PVR handling via the API


  • Remember last opened (vs current last played) TV/Radio group across restarts

If you don’t mind taking a risk running alpha software, you can grab Alpha 2 from here.

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