Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals 2021: what to expect

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Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals 2021: what to expect

We’re getting set for another big year of Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals as the console shows no signs of slowing yet. It should be even more exciting this November as the new Switch OLED will have just been released. Plus, the original Switch has been given a permanent price cut in the UK and that could usher in even larger discounts on consoles and bundles.

Thankfully, we shouldn’t be dealing with the same stock issues we saw during last year’s sales. That’ll mean all of the best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals will stick around for longer, giving you a greater chance of bagging a bargain. Of course, it’s likely these consoles will still be really popular so it’s well worth getting prepped ahead of the November 29th start date for Cyber Monday 2021.

To help our readers snag a console for less, we’ve put together this handy guide to the upcoming Nintendo Switch deals this Cyber Monday. We’re here to tell you exactly what to expect, what constitutes a good deal and offer some predictions. We’ve also preserved a number of last year’s best deals at the bottom of the page so you can get a feel for the Switch deals that crop up on Cyber Monday.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a great Switch discount, then keep this page bookmarked as we’ll be posting all the best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals in both the US and UK come November.

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals

(Image credit: Nintendo)

How much will a Nintendo Switch cost on Cyber Monday?

Given the track record for Nintendo Switch deals over the past Cyber Monday sales events, we wouldn’t expect the Switch to fall much below its standard $299 / £259 retail price. Over previous events, savings haven’t come from cheap standalone consoles, but rather game and accessory bundles being thrown in for the same price.

That said, this year it’s looking like we have an unprecedented level of Nintendo Switch stock at most retailers, especially in the US, which definitely wasn’t the case last year. 

With the new Nintendo Switch OLED model hitting the market too, it could be we see more options for people simply looking to pick up a standard or Lite model. To summarize, we expect there will be more options for games, accessories, and bundles this year, although it’s unlikely they’ll be much cheaper given the Switch usually sticks close to its recommended price.

What is the lowest price for a Nintendo Switch so far?

The lowest prices we’ve seen on the standard Nintendo Switch in the past year have been $296 for the US and £259.99 for the UK. That’s ever-so-slightly under the standard $299 US price, while the UK price reflects the permanent cut Nintendo recently announced for the console.

Last year’s Cyber Monday deals on the Nintendo Switch Lite model paint a similar picture in the US. The lowest price we saw was $195 – just below its $199 retail price. Things have been a little rosier in the UK, however, with the smaller console reaching as low as £165 (was £199) on the Blue and Turquoise colors.

When will Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals be available?

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals will officially land on November 29th this year, although we do expect there to be plenty of activity on Black Friday and the days before. 

Last year we saw plenty of early bird deals throughout November that lead all the way up to Thanksgiving week. That’s when things really heated up. We recommend keeping your eyes peeled for sales on consoles, accessories and games from then onwards. However, it’s likely the biggest deals will be reserved for Cyber Monday itself – potentially via a flash sale.

Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals: OLED model

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Will there be Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch OLED deals?

The chances are very, very slim for this year. Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders sold out in a matter of minutes at most retailers in the US, so there’s little reason for a discount. 

Given it’s also releasing in October, that means the new console will have been on the market for just over a month by the time Cyber Monday rolls around. And as we’ve seen with the standard Switch’s track record for price cuts and low stock, it seems like a safe bet to rule out any big price cuts on the Nintendo Switch OLED for a while. Never say never, though. We could see some bundles if we’re lucky, though don’t expect to save much money.

How to find the best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals

First thing’s first, we recommend bookmarking this page as we’ll be closely following any Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch news in the leadup to the event and keeping you up to date with the best prices as they drop. We’ll be here to guide you every step of the way and take out all the hard work of constantly scanning retailer pages. Definitely stay tuned.

With that out the way, however, we do have some tips for those Switch deals hunters who are looking to fly solo over Cyber Monday this year. The first is very simple: know exactly what you’re looking for. Research which games you’d like to buy, see how popular they are and check how often they’ve gone on sale over the past few months. For example, we rarely see big bundle deals offering The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a package item, but we regularly see price cuts on the game itself.

We’d also advocate remaining realistic and having a few backup choices should you not be able to snag your game or bundle of choice. Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals have historically sold out pretty quickly, so it’s definitely worth being prepared to adapt your choices if you’re not the first to snap up the popular items.

The best Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals generally come in the form of bundles containing first-party games and accessories – often at the usual $299 / £259 retail price. That said, it’s often a great time to be picking up Nintendo Switch game deals too as retailers often like to cut prices for those who have already picked up a console.

Which retailers offer the best Cyber Monday Switch deals?

In the US, we’d recommend Amazon as the first stop for Cyber Monday Nintendo Switch deals. It tends to have the most stock, a wide selection of bundles and a special flash deal or two with even larger discounts. Best Buy, Walmart and Target are all close second choices. You can bookmark their pages ahead of the big event so you don’t miss a single deal.

Over in the UK, Amazon has been one of the few retailers to discount the Switch as soon as the latest price cut was announced. That said, Currys and Very have strong supplies of both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in some excellent bundles. If things stay on course for Cyber Monday then these would be our top recommendations.

Of course, we’ll be keeping you informed throughout the whole Cyber Monday period. Stick with us and it’ll save you having twenty tabs open on all the usual outlets. If you’d like to cut out all that work then simply bookmark this page and drop in closer to the event.

Should you buy a Nintendo Switch on Cyber Monday?

If you haven’t managed to snag a console over previous sales events then the Nintendo Switch deals during Cyber Monday might just be your best chance this year to score a discount or some freebies. With console availability looking much healthier this time around in both the US and UK, a permanent price cut across Europe – and a new OLED model hitting the market – we could just see the best deals yet on the standard and Lite models. 

As a rule of thumb, we’d recommend considering any Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deal that falls below that usual $299 or £259 retail price – especially if it’s a game or accessory bundle.

Can’t wait until Cyber Monday? Here’s a quick selection of today’s best prices on all Nintendo Switch models. If you’d like to deep dive with some more recommendations from , there are always more of the best Nintendo Switch deals and Nintendo Switch Lite bundles to peruse. 

Nintendo Switch (Gray) with Mario Glassware bundle: $339.98: $299 at GameStop
Get the elusive Nintendo Switch with a set of Mario-themed glasses for the console’s retail price – technically it’s a bundle you’re pre-ordering for December 15. This will sell out fast, and should make a great gift set. Also available in Neon.

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition: $299 at Best Buy
It’s not a discount, but it is in stock in the US at the time of writing. You don’t get a copy of the game with this unit, but you do get an extremely sought-after Animal Crossing-branded Switch. Grab it before it’s gone.

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition with Yellow and Blue Joy-Con: $299 at Amazon
Amazon has the Fortnite Nintendo Switch in stock, but we expect it to quickly sell out like it did at Target and Walmart earlier. You’ll need to grab this deal quick, then, before it’s gone.

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition with Yellow and Blue Joy-Con: $299 at Target
Target has the Fortnite Nintendo Switch in stock, but we expect it to quickly sell out like it did at Walmart earlier. You’ll need to grab this deal quick then before it’s gone.

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Wildcat bundle: $299 at Walmart
Walmart has stock of the Nintendo Switch right now – it’s for the Fortnite Wildcat bundle, as you might have guessed, with dedicated art and a yellow and blue Joy-Con. A rare find on Cyber Monday.

Nintendo Switch Lite | 128GB memory card: $234.98 $218.99 at Amazon
You can spend a little less and just grab the handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite with a 128GB memory card at Amazon. You’re saving about $9 here, but considering the demand for Nintendo’s hardware right now, any Nintendo Switch Lite bundles offering cash off are a blessing right now. In stock December 2

Nintendo Switch Lite | carry case | 128GB memory card: $287.97 $251.97 at Best Buy
Save $30 –
Best Buy has this full bundle costing $251.97 when purchased separately, and it’s true you’re saving some cash with this $30 discount, however it’s worth noting that the 128GB memory card is available on sale elsewhere as well. It’s easier to grab this all in one place, but this isn’t as good a bundle offer as it appears at first glance.


Nintendo Switch games: save an extra 15% at Target
You can save an extra 15% on select video games at Target including Overcooked 2!, NBA 2K21 and Just Dance 2021.

Lego Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles | Nintendo Switch: $39.99 $19.99 at Amazon
Save $20 on Lego The Incredibles for Nintendo Switch at Amazon. This is a fantastic family-friendly title for the Lego/gamer in your life.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Super Mario Party Double Pack: $99.99 $79.99 at Target
Get two great games for less with this double pack from Target. You’re saving $20 with this deal, so this is the perfect bundle if you’re having two top multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch games: from $14.99 at Best Buy
All your cheap favorites are here – from Rayman Legends to the Borderlands Collection, but you’ll also find big discounts on first party games like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Pokemon Sword & Shield, and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with Super Mario Odyssey: $99.99 at Walmart
Get one of the best Nintendo Switch games and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller at Walmart with this bundle deal. The controller features HD Rumble, built-in amiibo function laity and motion controls. 

Nintendo Switch SanDisk microSDXC card 256GB: $52.49 $39.99 at Amazon
You can significantly expand your Nintendo Switch storage with this great deal on this officially licensed microSDXC card. With 256GB, you’ll be able to download loads of games and still have room to spare.

SanDisk 512GB Ultra microSDXC card: $99.99 $64.99 at Amazon
Need even more storage for your Nintendo Switch? Spend a bit extra, and you can get a whopping 512GB of storage. Price has gone up by one dollar, mind…

Nintendo Switch Fortnite Edition: £279 at Currys
Grab the Fortnite Nintendo Switch for at Currys while stock lasts – this unit has proved to be popular elsewhere. You’re getting a unique yellow and blue design here, with the Wildcat bundle and 2000 V-Bucks. This has already sold out at a number of retailers, and is now in-store collection only.

Nintendo Switch | free Stealth carry case: £279.99 at Argos
This week’s Nintendo Switch bundles aren’t saving you a load of cash on included games, but Argos is throwing in a free Stealth carry case when you pick up a console this week. Stock is organized by location, so you may have two separate orders shipped to you here if you’re out of stock locally.

Nintendo Switch Lite | Animal Crossing New Horizons: £229 at Currys
Grab the Nintendo Switch Lite with Animal Crossing for just £229 at Currys right now – that’s a good £10 off the usual price of both together and perfect if you’ve been waiting to get to your deserted island. 

Nintendo Switch Lite | Super Mario 3D All-Stars: £229 at Currys
This Super Mario 3D All-Stars bundle can save you just under £15 over the price of both the console and game separately. That’s excellent value for the recent release, and one nostalgia fans should have no hesitation in taking advantage of.

Nintendo Switch Lite with Animal Crossing and Minecraft: £258 £239 at Currys
Not the best bundle we’ve seen across the weekend, but compared to the base price of the handheld-only Switch Lite (£199), you’re essentially getting Minecraft for free here.

Nintendo Switch Lite: £199 £189 at Very
A lot of the best Nintendo Switch Lite deals are still going during Cyber Monday, such as the standalone handheld-only Nintendo Switch Lite which is still £10 off at Very.


Just Dance 2021 | Nintendo Switch: £43.97 £29.99 at Amazon
There’s 32% off the latest edition of Just Dance at Amazon, so you save just under £14 and can get your boogie on to over 600 tracks for even less.

Pokémon Sword and Shield: £42 £35 at Asda
Save £7 on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield at Asda during Cyber Monday. Battle and catch all-new Pokémon, and reunite with some returning favorites. 

Super Mario Odyssey: £41 £35 at Asda
Jump into Super Mario Odyssey for less with this super deal from Asda. Super Mario Odyssey is a fine return to form for Mario, and easily one of the best games on Nintendo Switch. 

Super Mario 3D All-Stars | Nintendo Switch: £44 £39.99 at Amazon
This isn’t a huge discount on Super Mario 3D All-Stars from Amazon – saving you just £4. But considering it’s a fantastic family-friendly game, this isn’t a deal to sniff at.

Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening: £39.99 £35 at Amazon
Explore a reimagined Koholint Island in this sumptuous remake of Link’s Awakening. With 12% off, this is the lowest price we’ve seen for this must-have title. 


Purple & Orange Nintendo Switch Joy-Con: £69.99 £63.99 at Currys
Save £6 on the purple and orange Nintendo Switch Joy-Con this week at Currys. This is actually the biggest saving of the bunch, but considering we don’t see discounts on these controllers often it’s a win. Plus, it also suggests that retailers are finally warming up to the idea of Joy-Con sales. Other colours are available for £3 off as well.

Nintendo Switch SanDisk microSDXC card 256GB: £77.99 £44.05 at Amazon
You can significantly expand your Nintendo Switch storage with this great deal on this officially licensed microSDXC card. With 256GB, you’ll be able to download loads of games and still have room to spare.

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