PureVPN Offers The Best And Cheapest VPN Deal Available

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There Are Many VPN Companies, But Only A Few Are Worth Your Money...

When and what situations should a Virtual Private Network, also called VPN, be used ? Well, if you value your privacy and security... Pretty much always and all situations. The current crop of VPN deals are certainly abundant. It can be difficult choosing between VPN services, especially when their sales pages are full of jargon and statistics.

So What Exactly Is A VPN ?

The use of VPNs have developed into much more than just an extra layer of online security for companies. They’re also a portal to foreign Netflix shows, out-of-region sports broadcasts and the ability to get around pesky website and app blocking.

VPN's are suitable for OS X, Windows Linux, Android and iOS. They secure all your devices and network. However, it’s not just about price, its the features the providers offer as well.

Watch This Helpful VPN Video Explanation:

What you can do with a VPN?

There are loooooads of VPN uses. Virtual Private Networks allow bypass geo-restricted content. So if you wanted to watch a Netflix show that is geo-restricted to a location, a VPN changes your IP address so your device gets tricked into thinking its in a different location. If your primary reason for a VPN is streaming, while they’re also brilliant for letting you watch sport and shows that are only available overseas.

Some people will be more concerned about the fact VPNs help you browse the internet securely. A VPN uses encryption technology that basically means you’re browsing and activity will be anonymous. So if you’re worried about your cyber security, a VPN is definitely the way to go.

Beyond that, they help get around blocked websites and apps in countries that ban them, assist in secure online banking and shopping (especially on public Wi-Fi) and have even been known to get around broadband bandwidth throttling and bag cheaper flights on comparison sites, too.

Incredible Deal, Major price drop

PureVPN | 5 years | $1.19 a month | 88% off

PureVPN's new offer is really REDICULOUSLY cheap! You can connect up to five devices to one account, so your smartphone, TV etc, plus it offers over 2,000 servers at super fast speeds. All that for one payment of $71.10 to cover the next five years. At this price it's a HUGE upgrade on any free VPN service.

ExpressVPN vs PureVPN

Other VPN Services Compared

ExpressVPN is one of the more expensive services on the market for monthly subscribers. PureVPN is $2 cheaper at $10.95 USD per month. However, you dont even have to pay this. That’s because PureVPN offers a steep discount for users who are willing to commit to a longer subscription upfront.

Subscription periodsOne monthOne month
Six monthsOne year
One yearFive years
Special offerThree months extra and a 49% discount with one-year plans88% discount when you sign up for five years upfront
Highest price per month$12.95$10.95
Lowest price per month$6.67$1.32
One-year price$99.95$49.95
Money-back guarantee30 days31 days

Easy To Use ?.. Its All About The Protocols

For the non "tech savvy" out there, PureVPN has their own easy to use client software. Which will cover your devices, operating systems and protocols. Allowing you to change your IP loaction and remain secure with a click of a button.

  • SSL
  • IPSec
  • PPTT
  • L2TP
  • OpenVPN

Although, there are only a few provider support ALL THE PROTOCOLS necessary to keep the "geekiest geeks" happy and their needs for security/ privacy satisfied. Rest assured, PureVPN has got you covered when using the service with your VPN routers / devices.

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