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AT&T is bringing fiber-to-the-home Internet to five new metro areas this month, boosting its fiber total to 51 metro areas in the US. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has AT&T Fiber now, and later this month the service will arrive in Columbia, South Carolina; Jackson, Mississippi; Knoxville, [...]

Apple iPad models The iPad has come a long way since being introduced in 2010. Back then, it was more like a giant iPhone that couldn't make phone calls, and now it has its own souped-up version of iOS, multiple models, and functionality that rivals a laptop.  If you're considering an iPad, the [...]

Microsoft has raised the price of its Surface products by around 15 percent in the UK, due to the Brexit referendum vote and the consequent cataclysmic decline of the pound. While the Surface Book used to start at a somewhat reasonable £1300 from the Microsoft Store, it'll now set you back [...]