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CISA has released a new ICS advisory about a vulnerability found in a widely-used ThroughTek tool that gives attackers access to audio and video feeds as well as other sensitive information. On top of the potential for data and video leakage, the company admitted that the vulnerability allows [...]

There Is A Chance That You May Be Looking For These... Apple AirPods are among the most popular headphones on the market. They’re compact, easy to pair with your devices, and they offer reliable connectivity, which can sometimes be a problem with truly wireless earphones. So there’s a chance [...]

The Apple Watch SE A Good Starter Smartwatch... The Apple Watch SE is barely a month old, but that isn’t stopping retailers from making the mainstream smartwatch a little more affordable. Amazon is selling the Apple Watch SE for $20 off, starting at $259 for a 40mm GPS version. It’s also [...]