Tag: Virus’s Malware & Ransomware

A suspected, state-sponsored Iranian threat group has attacked an airline with a never-before-seen backdoor.  On Wednesday, cybersecurity researchers from IBM Security X-Force said an Asian airline was the subject of the attack, which likely began in October 2019 until 2021.   The advanced [...]

Tax season is upon us and cybercriminals have taken notice, unleashing a tidal wave of attacks targeting every US citizen and tax prep company.  Hackers are stealing customer information from tax-related websites and sending malware to accountants seeking personal and financial information.  [...]

Microsoft has flagged a relatively new style of attack, dubbed "HTML smuggling", which is being used in email campaigns that deploy banking malware and remote access Trojans (RATs), and as part of targeted hacking attacks. HTML smuggling lets an attacker "smuggle" an encoded malicious script [...]