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With just over a week left as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler today accused AT&T and Verizon Wireless of violating net neutrality rules with paid data cap exemptions. But with the FCC about to switch to Republican control after next week's inauguration of [...]

WI-Fi 6 is supposed to make Wi-Fi networks faster, more reliable, and more energy efficient than ever, but what exactly does that mean? Wi-Fi 6 is the Wi-Fi Alliance's name for 802.11ax under its new naming scheme that is designed to make Wi-Fi generations easier to understand for the average [...]

In this age of many-to-one management suites, like Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications, a tool that is effectively one-to-one like Apple Configurator 2 (AC2) seems counter-productive at times--especially if your organization has more than a few dozen devices to manage. Indeed, when [...]