Xbox Series X Restock Updates: Where to buy?

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Want to know where to buy Xbox Series X? Here are all the places you should be looking...

Xbox Series X restocks have been a little more forthcoming than their PS5 counterparts, but it's still difficult to work out where to buy Xbox Series X - especially with that Christmas deadline looming.

While we had a flurry of activity in the UK last week, things have returned to their usual schedule of programming and there's not a whisper of more Xbox Series X restocks right now. They're definitely on the horizon, though - they have to let us buy it at some point - so when the chance to buy Xbox Series X does present itself again you'll want to be at the front of the queue.

We're bringing you all the latest updates on Xbox Series X restocks right here, keeping this page stocked with new information from retailers and Microsoft itself. Between those flashes of stock, we'd recommend you keep checking the retailer links in your region below. More chances to buy Xbox Series X will appear and you might get lucky with a well timed refresh.

GameStop, Microsoft, and Best Buy have been the most active retailers in the US, offering new stock every so often with the Series S managing to hold onto its place on the shelves a little longer.

Over in the UK we've seen more chances to buy Xbox Series X from Amazon, Very and AO in the last few weeks, with the latter two retailers offering extra Game Pass memberships or accessories (for full price) to keep slightly more expensive stock on the shelves.

Where to buy Xbox Series X in the US

Where to buy Xbox Series S in the US

Where to buy Xbox Series X in the UK

Where to buy Xbox Series S in the UK

When will you be able to buy Xbox Series X?

Of course, these stock issues can only last so long - you'll be able to buy Xbox Series X for a non-inflated scalper price relatively easily at some point in the future.

Just when that is, however, is a little tricky to plan. We're likely to see more Xbox Series X stock hitting around Black Friday as retailers use the console launches to bring more shoppers to their sites over the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

If you're still looking for where to buy Xbox Series X in a couple of weeks, then, we'd recommend circling November 27 on the calendar. After that, things might still be rough until the holidays are through and we expect things will settle down towards the beginning of 2021.

How to buy Xbox Series X: our top tips

1. Find your retailers... The lists above offer up all the latest updates on which retailers are likely to bring more chances to buy Xbox Series X over the next few days. Prioritise larger retailers as they're the most likely to offer up more Xbox Series X stock and are also already set up for fast shipping as well.

2. Prepare your wallet... We're sure you've already prepared to spend some cash, but having your details at the ready will save you valuable time when that first wave of stock hits. Better yet, if you're comfortable saving your payment details or using PayPal you're in for a much less stressful experience.

3. Sign in... Many retailers will need an email address alongside your shipping information to allow you to checkout, and this is causing many shoppers looking to buy Xbox Series X to lose valuable seconds. Be sure to sign into these retailers if you already have an account or create one if not. Of course, if you're not comfortable signing in or creating an account, keep your email address and shipping information handy for a quick copy and paste when you're against the clock.

4. Find the product page... We'll be linking you straight to the product page of either the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S when stock does arrive. However, if you're going it alone you'll want to make sure you're on the correct product page ahead of time to avoid spending those crucial seconds searching for the console itself on a retailer website. Plus, if demand skyrockets, sites run the risk of crashing which can be particularly frustrating if you're still trying to navigate the virtual aisles.

5. Don't give up... If all is going to plan but stock runs out at the final hurdle don't give up. We've seen retailers like Best Buy replenishing their stock every few minutes when they go live with a new batch, which means quick refreshes can get you back in the game in seconds.

Can you buy Xbox Series X in store?

In the US, in-store stock varies by region, but we are seeing some success with Target. Be sure to check in-store stock levels early in the morning and head down straight away if you spot consoles available. Stores are allocating what little stock they have on a first come first served basis, but it is possible to buy Xbox Series X in person.

If you're in the UK, things are a little different. Obviously the current lockdown has scuppered many plans to buy Xbox Series X in store, however Game is honouring pre-order collection.

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